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Thank you for your intrest in how my kia runs. It hasn't been in for any scheduled maintenance because you see, It hasn't ran since it died while driving down the interstate in a small place called Vadalia Illinois. Just outside ST Louis, Right on interstate 70. I let my daughter and her husband take the what I thought was the trustworthy car to visit his mother in WV. To make a long story short I had to rent a u-haul dolly and proceed on a 2 day driving spree to retrieve my car and my daughter who was stuck in a small town in the middle of nowhere with no money. I sent her money and paid for the trip and lost 3 days of wages. Can you believe when we got home broke as a joke and looking for anyone who could possible figure out why the car just died while going down the interstate at 65 miles an hour. All we got was funny looks and I don't know about KIA except good luck with that one. I still make the 283.00 payments on the thing that decorates my yard well. Being as it is the Christmas season however It makes a wonderful lawn ornament. If and when I can get some money together and someone to figure out what the problem is I Hopefully will have it paid off (still 5000.00 to go) I will send it to your service department to perform any maintenance that it may need after I push it off a bridge.Needless to say I do not believe I will ever again think about buying using, or even renting a KIA again.

Thank you for your time and Merry Christmas

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my suggestion pay them daily. I currently owe just under 9000.00 on my kia and after they irritated me with an insurance claim i started to pay them daily, when i started i was paying them 2.55 in daily interested 1 month later that is already down to 2.32 daily i pay about $15 a day through my banks free bill pay.

i figured it out that if i make my regular monthly payments for the rest of my loan i will pay about $3000 in interest by paying daily i will pay $700 until my loan is paid.

however i also make my regular monthly payment but hey i get to rip kia out of 2300.00 so i am doing it cuz they sold me a P.O.S.!!!!!! lets all do it and screw them the way they screwed all of us!!!!


I'm curious. Why didnt your daugther use KIA's 24/7 free road side assistance service? Are you sure your daugther was going where she said she was headed?

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