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Kia dealership(Bourne, MA)owner Robert Scena was forced to close his doors due to bad buisness practices, but not before ripping 100's of people off.He got me for $1800.

I purchased the extended warranty for $1200. and the Gap insurance for $600. He took the money and never sent in the paperwork to the proper companies.

Therefore I am out my $1800., and I have no coverage.The car inself is a piece of ***,and I'm sure that extended warranty would have come in handy in the very near future.Kia is a disgrace for allowing any loser off the street to open a dealership selling their goods and ripping off unsuspecting, hard-working customers.

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I just found out Sports Auto World is closed.I've been trying to get the phone number to make an appointment.

My safety belt is stuck and I can't use it. I guess I'll have to discover if I was ripped off also.

I did pay for the extended warranty, but I haven't had any trouble with my vehicle so I wasn't aware of this situation.I fear for the worst.


I just found out Sports auto world is closed.I've been trying to get the phone number to make an appointment.

My safety belt is stuck and I can't use it. I guess I'll have to discover if I was ripped off also.

I did pay for the extended warranty, but I haven't had any trouble with my vehicle so I wasn't aware of this situation.I fear for the worst.


Hi, ptownkaty

Do you have an address for Scena?You can email me at if yo do not want to post it on here.

I am filling out the form now, but need a current address for him.The AG told me that I had to file in Plymouth County since that is where I live.


Hey Britsmom's daughter,

I wonder how we can exchange information. Although I've filed my case at the Boston AG office I'd be more then happy to contact Plymouth as well. If we need numbers to get this guy, lets do it.


I am britsmom's daughter.I just spoke to the Plymouth county attorney generals office and she said she had another complaint.

I will be sending in mine as soon as I receive the paperwork. I called the board of selectman of Bourne, and he did not close due to bankruptcy. He owes a large amount of taxes and could not renew his license. This is good for us, because there is a better chance that we can get our money back.

The attorney general's office told me that if I could get enough people together we could also file a complaint with the DA's office.Stupidly, I trusted the salesman, because he is a friend but I guess that does not matter.


Hey britsmom,

I have his n.falmouth address and po box, his wife signed for the certified letter I sent.

He has the nerve to keep a Kia van parked in front of his multi-million $$$ house. I googled his name and found that Hyundai Corp. is taking him to court for billions. Maybe this will be a lesson to car corp.

to better screen potential dealers.You are right, it's not going to be a fun summer for some.Also, please report your experience to attorney generals office, they have been great helping me.


I may have found this guys address, I live in Mass and I have ALL day to hunt this fu*$er down, did I mention I'm related to Judges, attorneys, and cops. This Scena guy is not going to have a nice summer!


This same dealership did this to my daughter, she paid for the warranty and it was never sent in!


Thanks Alice, I knew I wasn't alone. Please don't let this guy off the hook. Any info I get I would be more then happy to pass it along to you and the others I know are out there.

I only had his name because he got involved when we refused to let me have the car until after he received his Cash for Clunkers check from the government.

I have filed a complaint w/: Kia Consumer Affairs, Federal Trade Commission, BBB, & the Attorney Generals office, going to court is the next option.

He owned another dealership (Showcase Isuzu) @ the same location as Sports Auto World. I'm sure he'll open up another.


He got me too, for $1500.00.Since I bought the car in July, it's been in the shop twice, six weeks apart, for what I recently discovered, was a "recall" problem with the drive train.

In reality, it's happened three times, once, with the previous owner. Each time I called or visited the dealership, asking about my paperwork, I was put off with the story that the paperwork "will come from the warranty company." Now,four weeks after the last re-repair, when I discovered Sports Auto World had dissappeared, it's back in another dealership with another needed repair! I called Kia for assistance, and was told that he was an "independent business person," they couldn't be held responsible for his actions. But, you did better than I, you found the *** owners name.

Everyone I spoke to avoided giving me any information.

I had been a loyal Kia customer. This was my second Kia.

I will do my best to inform and influence as many people as I can to avoid this manufacturer, as well, as contacting the proper legal authorities.Thanks, Ptownkaty

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