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Update by user Mar 03, 2021

Hunyadi Capitol America owns Kia and is listed under BBB complaint.

Update by user Mar 03, 2021

Kia please understand the stress and loss you have caused my family. When this was going on I had a house in escrow that fell out due to the plummet of my credit.

We lost our dream home and now with market are out of luck. I have spent hours upon hours on the phone. Your customer care has no phone #, you have to write. Well where is my answer> BBB is also waiting with no response.

We are out money, a home, a car, and for what? For being a loyal customer and a victim of Covid19 workers working from home and dropping the ball? No one wants to take blame? This is wrong!

My daughter works for your dealership in Carlsbad Ca. How can she promote your cars when she has been done so very wrong? She still has no car and now no one will finance her with charge off, except at 28% interest!! What are you going to do about this?

At my end. Can anyone out there let me know legally what I can do?

I think I need to go that route. This is not right.

Original review updated by user Mar 03, 2021

End of Jan 2020 my daughter totaled her 2016 Kia Forte that had less then 2 years left. Never a late payment.

My son who I also co-signed for has no late payments and only 28 payments left on a $28,000 car. Due to Covid19 and multiple mistakes that Kia and Esurance made at this time from workers starting to work at home and blamed on Covid for communication issues, car was finally paid off in Oct 2020, thanks to me! I spent relentless hours on phone and 3 way calling between the two, playing middle man. Strange, I thought this was someone else job since I have my own, but hey whatever it took.

.We had already had our dream house fall out of escrow due to the negative payments it was marking, even though the car was totaled and had full coverage and GAP! I was ecstatic to get this over with until finding more late payments on my and my daughters credit report as well as a charge off for $95.00, in which I paid. Yes, you are ruining my life for $95.00 that I paid. Kia also has still to this day managed to provide needed documentation ( to this day) for my GAP insurance policy ( which is reason for stupid $95.00) and not only am I out that money, a car payment I paid in June to avoid a prior charge off ( that was supposed to be reimbursed) for a car I no longer owned, my daughter and I, no longer have great credit and she is unable to this day to get a new car.

Kicker is she works for Bob Baker Kia / Hunyadi in Carlsbad and had great credit and her interest rate was 6%. I can not get a response, from customer service, customer care has no phone number to call, BBB has received no response as well. No response to our letter to customer service, or any help in this situation.

Not only do they owe us money, they have lost life customers who owned 2 Kia's and was about to gain a third. They have no respect for their customers.

User's recommendation: Run. They have no customer support for their own mistakes and don't care what happens to their customers credit or the money they owe them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kia Motors Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Provide my GAP with proper documents to receive money owed, return of car payment made for a car we no longer had, removal of charge off to both of our credit reports, apology. .

Kia Motors Pros: Cheap.

Kia Motors Cons: False charge off on credit report, Customer service.

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