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I had bought my first car may 22 2008 I just turned 18 And Is spent 15,000 on a brand new KIA Spectra Ex.For the first two weeks the car ran great the first two weeks just making sure you read it.Yes well after the second week the wonderful check Eng.Light came on well Joe they said we have to replace a part inside the Eng compartment.Well if that wasn't bad enough one month after that my breaks felt very weak I told Sun-bury motors but they said nothing was wrong with my car.Then my car stalled in November 2008.Well when the car was 3 months old I had problems with the paint coming off.Then when the car was 10 months old my breaks felt funny once again took it to another dealer and they said nothing is wrong at ALL.Well December 23 2008 at 6:50pm.Some guy slammed on his breaks so I slammed on mine nothing nothing happened at all and I had four car lengths to go before I would have come close to him.So I pulled up on my e break as well but not much of a change at all.Only went from 50 mph to 30.And guess what I hit him at 30 mph and Not one of my air bags came out not one of the eight not one.So after the 7 grand in damaged to only my car okay.I then got it back after a month of work the air worked as well as the heat.No damage was done to the major components.Well here in may 2009 the car is just one year old 29,855 miles the air does not work and a black mat that is supposed to be on the hood on the inside was on my Eng.What the heck well now my air does not work at all my wipers don't always work right either.I had a bolt come out of my seat.That is just not right also my seat belt did not lock up in the crash.My one rear light bulb keeps blowing out.My seats rattled from day one its just not rite to do that.My check Eng light comes on often and goes back off but when it comes on the car feels very rough it doesn't want to drive smoothly.Long story short KIA is a very bad bad brand.And if you want a new name for Kia's there nick names sticks true or rather rings true.KILLED IN ACTION...I plan to use all means necessary to make people stop buying KIA news adds in the paper telling every body all of the prob's that come with theses giant peaces of junk.As well as I plan to use the Internet to promote not buying the cars unless you want nightmare after nightmare.Also I am talking to a lawyer in plans to sue KIA out the but not only for the damage cost that was due to the failure of their car that they made but the lemon law to don't buy KIA

Review about: Kia Motors Car.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I agree, Dan. Also FYI...airbags do not typically employ below 35 mph.


You should really use spellcheck. I couldn't even finish reading this.

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