Everyone who's ever heard of Kia Autosport in Albany, Georgia should already know that they have questionable financing practices. I got a 2006 Kia Spectra from Kia Autosport easy enough with no co-signer, but my problem is the customer service you receive afterward you become "valued customer".First and foremost, keep in mind that Kias are cars you get out of necessity not desire. No one wants a Kia. Everyone who has one only has one because they desprately needed a car at the time like I did, and if nothing else, Kia will get you approved.

1. They used to have a girl who was their service rep who was rude everytime I went there to get my car serviced. They have a new guy at the service desk now who's pretty nice, but expect him to find everything wrong with your car if you take it in for service.

2. When you go back there after purchasing a vehicle from Kia, all that niceness and cordial socializing is non-existent. You're just someone they sold a car to now. I've been to other dealerships where before or after a purchase when you walk in their door everyone in attendance leaps at the chance to greet or help you. This doesn't happen at Kia.

3. No other dealerships or repair/service shops like dealing with Kias. They depreciate exponentially, and they are not manufactured very well. A Kia is a mechanics worse nightmare. Other dealerships view Kia dealerships as the sleazy lawyers of the auto sales industry. They grudgingly take Kias as trade-ins.

4. If you have to talk to any Kia personnel outside the dealership expect to be treated in a rude, curt, callous manner. The people at the dealership are sunshine and kittens compared to the actual Kia corporate employees.

5. During the sale expect them to try to railroad you. They will start with a ridiculously high down payment and want to finance you for 72 months. Just hold out until they offer you a down payment that's at most $2000 or lower, and you shouldn't be paying more than $300 a month for any vehicle on that lot for 60 months.

Hopes this helps anyone who's thinking about going with Kia.

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I was in a front end collision with my 99 kia sportage(other driver ran a stop sign) airbags did not deploy - Can't find a web site or phone number to contact kia to find out why airbags did not deploy - my theory, airbags defective or probably no airbags in car.contact at krysmas@juno.com PS sportage is TOTALED


Sorry about your bad experience, but please don't spout off your mouth without checking your facts. A good friend of mine is a mechanic.

He tells me Kia's are incredibly easy to work on because everything under the hood is very accessible. As far as trade in value, do your homework. A well maintained Kia has excellent trade in value, as they are popular and affordable cars. Of course, if you are trying to trade in a banged up, year old Kia on which you owe a loan with a high interest rate on a more expensive car, you might have to shell out some bucks, but under normal circumstances, they hold their trade in value quite well.

And please don't make generalized statements assuming you know what motivates others. My husband and I have excellent credit and make decent money. We could have bought just about any mid sized sedan we wanted.

We chose Kia because it's an excellent car at an excellent value that's fun to drive and pretty to look at. Grow up and quit blaming everyone else for your problems.


I bought a 2007 kia spectra5. fun car to drive.

but when it comes to wanting to trade it, expect to owe more than its worth. kia's do not hold any value. I had more than 1 dealer tell me they are sorry but I owe too much to trade. I would need to come up with about 5 grand to trade.

looks like I'm stuck with it.

I will NEVER buy another one. kia of albany is a bunch of liar's just toget your money.


I continue to buy Kias because I like their quality and value. Any problem I've ever had has been covered by warranty, and fixed in a quick, professional manner.

Sorry for your luck. There is no reasonable priced car more desirable to me than a Kia.


not true. i have purchased 4 kia's there since 1999, and have had no problems! the cars never had any serious problems and the staff there has always treated me fine.

i buy kias not out of necessity but because i like them and have never had any problems with them.

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