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Here is the life of my 07 Kia Rio

I bought it with 7 miles on it.

At 20k (First Year) miles I had to replace the tires and the battery.

At 25k the AC stopped working. Found a pinhole leak in the AC condenser (NOT COVERED) with the green refrigerant. I replaced the AC condenser myself

At 30k miles I had to replace the rotor left side, caliper, master cylinder, wheel bearing, and pad. $1200(Not covered).

At 42k miles my tranny started spilling fluid. About a quart in 5 mins. I called the Kia DEALER in Albuquerque to tell them my problem. They told me to have it towed up there. I live 100 miles away. With a 100k warranty it should be none of my concern. Besides I had the gut feeling that they would weasel out of the warranty work sticking me with the repair/tow bill.

I asked the dealer if this would be covered. They asked did you have the "service" on the tranny done at 30k in which the owners manual states inspect fluid. I said I have inspected the fluid and it was healthy in color with good viscosity. They asked are you a Kia Certified Technician? I said no, they said than your warranty is voided.

Needless to say I currently have my front clip disassembled, engine in a hoist and the tranny removed. I have to drive 100 miles to order the five dollar seal because they wouldn't order it without the money upfront. It is a low down dirty shame that this much maintenance has to be performed on a car with such low miles.

Mind you I do regular maintenance religiously. Oh good luck finding any repair manuals for this car as they don't exist.

Just a tip- Save your money buy a different brand.

Review about: Kia Motors Car.

Monetary Loss: $13000.

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I feel your pain i have an 07 kia rio too and nothing but problems....I finally threatened them with including it in my bankruptcy and they can have the car back then they gave me the info that i wanted.

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