I have a Kia Sportage 2011 and it has been in the shop four times in ten months for all kinds of sensor issues. Last one was a tire pressure sensor.

They will not cover the $200 cost and when I called there customer service they pretty much told me "oh well" we can't do anything for you. I thought they had the best warranty around. Now that they seem to have a better marketing dept which has resulted in more sales, they really don't care.

I'm stuck with this piece of *** for 5 years. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!

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Kia/Hyundai offers a warranty that is not worth the paper they print it on. These South Korean dumpsters are mainly geared toward people who have bad credit and nothing down.

Then they own you. It falls apart and nothing is covered under warranty, and the only option is usually to trade it on a new ONE!! It has no resale value, so that's what most people do.

You're stuck with their junk until you bite the bullet, take a huge loss and dump them forever. I have never owned one, and never would, I wouldn't even accept one as a rental except for once in Vladivostok, that's all they had left.


Kia Soul paint job is crap. The paint is not thick at all.

You will get lots of chicks from people opening their doors and lots of dings.

No Re sale value. Basically it is a throw away car.


Had the choice of a new Kia Optima or a used Buick Regal T and I went with the Kia thinking it would be better because it didn’t already have 70k miles on it. Wrong.

This piece of *** has been into the shop already 3 times and their warranty has done nothing to help me on very clear powertrain issues. I regret my bad decision.

Next time I will buy a proven car with some mileage than a used POS. Kia NEVER AGAIN.

Waterboro, Maine, United States #1354288

my kia had a new trans at 60,000 sucks, they would not cover it, don't buy KIA

Piqua, Ohio, United States #1329740

I currently have a Kia soul 2011 and two different dealerships five different trips out of warranty now and they want me to pay for it! The shop that has it now has had it for five days trying to figure out the suspension noise.

I have had to stay up there consumer affairs hotlines buts,repeatedly calling. Still not getting anywhere. At this point just going to pay a local shop to fix it so we can sell it.

Garbage. I would not sell one of those turds to my worst enemy

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1192543

KIAS are cheap pieces of ***. They will LIE and do anything to not Honor the Warranty.

It's amazing what a Sham.

this company is. Stay Far away from KIAS


My experience with car dealerships hasn't being that bad till I went to Desimone Mitsubishi on 6101 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia, Pa 19135 Phone (215) 744-6400.

9 month ago after walking around on the lot for about 10 minutes, one of the guys decided to approach me, he asked if I need it help.

First thing I say to him was that my credit wasn't that good but good enough to buy a car.

So I asked him very clearly not hit my credit score more than once. I didn't want to mess up my credit more than what it was. I was working on rebuilding it.

I explain to him that I was looking for a used car. I didn't want a new car.

We looked around the lot for a minute or two and drove a few Mitsubishi gallants but I wasn't happy with any of them. He asked me if I wanted to try a 2008 KIA Spectra that they just got a few days ago. I told him I didn't know anything about KIA. He begging to tell me how good they were and that they were guarantee for 10 years/100,000 mile.

I got excited and ask him to let me text drive it. The car didn't drive that bad. It was a 4 cylinder car half clean that need it some love. We went through *** and back trying to negotiate a price on the car.

He just wanted me to pay a monthly payment that was comfortable to me without any regards on how much I was paying for the car. He kept going back to Guy #2 (I had a problem with that so I decided to leave)

Guy number #2 decides to approach the desk and introduce himself as(whatever) and begin to tell me how much of a good deal I have. I told him there are two things I want from you guys. 1.

I don’t want you to hit my credit score more than once. 2 I want good deal on a car. This is not a good deal. Within 15 minutes he came back $5 more than the numbers I asked for and I took the deal.

He tells me how much a deal I have and that the car is warrantee for 10 years/100,000 miles.

That when the car hits 95k bring it back to him to exchange it for a new one. Nine month passed by and the car engine light come on. I take it to the dealership to get it check because I have warranty. (So I tough) and they begin to tell me that the warranty only covers the original owner.

My warranty only covers me for 5 years (a year ago) and I need a transmission. Of course they all jump on this; I should buy a new car. I haven’t even paid this one yet and you guys want me to purchase a new loan? I told them how I got this one and their response was we’re not like that other guy.smh I talked to one of the mechanics there and he said that the problem could have been running for a long time because is inside the transmission and they have to replace it.

I decided to check my credit to see if may be I go and purchase a new car and Desimone Dealership hit my credit 12 times?

Why would anyone do such a thing? I’m pissed


Kia does suck, I bought a New 2011 Sorento and had nothing but problems with is since it was 6 months old. Broken stabilizer, steering pulling to the right, despite 2 Front end alignments.

Has sporadic starting issues because of a bad brake switch that has been recalled in 2009 and again the replacement part was recalled in 2013. So they can change it out all they want but the *** thing sucks. So we too will have to live with this POS for the next few years. Do your self a favor, no matter how much you like the style of a Kia or Hyundai, Do not Buy it.

You will regret it. That is a Promise!!

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada #707033

i finally got rid of our kia piece of *** rondo!! since 2008 it has had the engice replaced, transmission replaced, wheel bearings done, feul pump replaced and front breaks replaced.

im glad its gone. hamilton kia dealership is rude and doesnt care.


Frankly I will never buy a KIA since they have to resort to half naked women to even attempt to get attention for their cars...their cars obviously have no quality or they would not feel the need to stoop to that level. Why not on your next commercial have them all naked driving Kia's and say the experience is the next best thing to an ***?

Maybe you would sell even more cars.... losers

to Never ever #599680

I hate that commercial where the family parks in a ridiculously small space and then dad climbs out the back of the vehicle. Jerks at work always park so close to my vehicles that I have a hard time getting into my car. I don't think this commercial is cute or funny I think it makes KIA look like ***.


Yeah, Kia has gone down hill. By law if you have the same issue fixed three or four times, I forgot which, that they have to replace the vehicle. The fact that all issues are sensor related it can tie into one main issue, hence they may have to replace it.

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