My front end 4 wheel drive unit went out so i took it to get fixed and was told it needed new seals 500 dollars. this did not fix the problem so after researching they have a new replacement hub which the cost to replace is 2000 dollars, In my oppinion if it takes a new or modified hub to fix the problem then why is it not under a recall?.

At least with a toyota if there is a problem they are correcting it with a re call. also I know why a kia is so cheap which is due to the price of the parts and also the amount charged for labor

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I did replace the hoses but kia said they have a replacement hub that needs to be used or it wont work.so back to first report, if a product is changed because it does not work it should be a re-call


Check the vacumn hoses to the hubs, use regular vac hose to replace for less than $5





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