Wilburton, Oklahoma
Not resolved

I have also bought a2015 Kia with nexen tire. After the first week took car back to Kia and told them that all four of my tires were flat when I got out of work.

I aired them up with the pump they have me, then when I got there they broke all the tires off and couldn't find any leaks. I left thinking someone messed with my car. But the next morning at my house were I know no ones messing with my car I woke up to two flats. So I go to discount tire they break the tires off and look for leaks can't find one.

I've had to go to discount at least once a week and have them look for leaks and there still no leaks. I had the car since July of 2015and Kia will not say there defective, or warranty them.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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