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ok ,i don't trust kia any brother had an accident few days ago.and he definitely was going to die,and guess what the steering wheel air bag didn't open ! yes it didn't open 'he just survived because he jumped on the next seat in the last seconds ,wow. I have photos if someone is interested.

The car i was driving was kia cerato model 2010.the insurance company that I'm with commented on the same issue,so I don't know what to do.I .think I have to go legally and I talked with my lower about that,and I don't know how to send my complaint to kia .

Product or Service Mentioned: Kia Motors Car.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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it wont do any good to complain to kia i had a head on crash going 35 mph and none of the air bags went off and they said that the crash wasnt life threating enough for the air bags to deploy there was 2 people in the car and we both got hurt and all they can say is that the car is smart enough to tell if we are going to get killed or not my car was 3ft shorter everything was pushed up to the motor but it wasn't bad enough for the airbags to deploy i think that is a lot of bs they have a problem with the airbag systems and they will not do anything about them until someone gets killed

to pam gordon #1373234

Ha! True- I was told the same thing by Kia Consumer affairs- And the service Dept- My seat belt nor airbag deployed- Told me it wasn't a hard enough impact- well- I re- broke my Patella -neck and shoulder injuries and flew into steering wheel (got the bruises to prove it) when my brakes failed without warning- Bad abs module- and no warning light went off!!!!- Sam Kim at consumer affairs for Kia told me that's just the chance you take when you drive a vehicle.....

There warning light don't have to come on to warn you something is wrong or defective!!!

KIA SUCKS!! - When enough people DIE maybe something will get done!!!

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Nothing out of line here. It was a side impact.

No significant front end impact means no airbag. It wouldnt of helped him anyways.

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