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Update by user Aug 05, 2014

We'll, after escalating through their corp office they agreed to replace my bumper but not until the summer heat is over so it stops leaking. They can't plug the hole because the glue is a preventive rusting solution.

but again if this happen next summer I'll be right back where I started. Ill kelp posting once I get it replaced about sept or oct.

Original review posted by user Jul 19, 2014

My new 2014 kia soul has glue leaking from the hatch and down onto my bumper, and now it stained my bumper. I went to the dealership and they didn't want to help.

They tried to just wipe the bumper and obviously that didn't fix anything it's still stained. I called the corporate office and their response to me was that they know about the hatch leaking, the glue needs to stay there it's to prevent rusting so they can't clean it. They will not replace my bumper or seal the hatch, it only happens in a couple thousand kia souls and it will eventually go away. WTF!

Are you serious? This is a brand new car and now I have a stained bumper and I'm just supposed to drive around with the glue leaking until it decides to stop.

I will never by from kia agin and this is not over. Be watching the news my mom is the producer from nbc.

Review about: Kia Motors Car.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Mountain View, California, United States #1206857

We have a KIA soul 2015 and have the exact same drip mark. Thought we spilled something until today saw another KIA soul on the road with the same mark.

Now I see your post and makes me wonder...hmmmm...obviously this is a problem happening more often than they say.

Guess I will try and do the same as you! Thank you for your post or else I might have never thought.

Silver Springs, Florida, United States #862764

Mine is doing the same thing.

Silver Springs, Florida, United States #860123

who did you call?

Rochester Hills, Michigan, United States #850938

This is very inappropriate thing, This is rare thing and it doesn't mean they should ignore it.

It should be covered in warranty please make detailed inquiry for this.



looks like you've got a sticky situation on your hands.


Are they at least offering to repaint the bumper once it gets done relieving itself?

If that is FACTORY applied sealant or rustproofing, there is no way they can refuse to repair that under warranty. After leaving the dealership, I'd have driven immediately to the local clerk's office and filled out the required paperwork for small claims court.

Also, if you have a few hours of spare time, park it in front of the dealership with a sign.

Pretty much every potential customer will stop to talk to you and you can show them the oozing mess and explain how Kia refuses to do anything about it.

Actually, you probably won't need a few hours. I bet you'll get results within 15 minutes.

to Ricochet-Rabbit #844019

I'm waiting for a call back from the higher-ups at the corporate office. if nothing happens after that then it's defiently small claims court.

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