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After having a bad experience with a certain Kia dealership I never wanted to deal with them again,BUT I contacted Corporate in Bluegrass Kentucky Kia corp was very diligent in my problem,they were very understanding (it was a legitimate problem)and concerned them this happened,I do give credit where it is due!I want to THANK KIA CORPORATE V.P. who took the time to listen and follow through with my problem,I am sincerely grateful that there are still honest trustworthy sincere and dependable people like the V.P.

I talked to, that shows me KIA does care about there customers.Again Thank you KIA V.P.

Sincerely M.M. (Eaton Ohio)

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KIA lied to me did nothing, when I was going to take it to the news station they threatened to sue me for slander,,,I ask u how is a bill from a garage slander when it is in black and white, DONT TRUST KIA I am reporting them to the better business services to help others from being taken like I was

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