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I have had nothing but problems since I purchased a used 2006.5 kia optima from the cheyenne kia in wyoming. I bought the car in 2007 with 19,000 miles on it.

The car now has only 42,000 miles on it. I was lied to about my warranty that i had a 5yr 50,000 miles but just found out i didnt get that so the sales rep Rob lied to me about it, I was lied to about where the car came from, they told me it was the owners car he used it to run errands... after i purchased the car I found out the car came from florida and was a rental car during the year they were having hurricanes and floods- wonder if my car has water/flood damage? and today they kicked me out of their store because i filed a better business bureau complaint against them in july.

I cant believe the owner's son, yelled at me to go cry somewhere else and get out, while waving his hands in my face like a dog. I never felt so humiliated in my life!! I have spoken to their consumer affairs department and all they can say is sorry we wish we could offer you more... all I want is a car that I can enjoy at least a full year without it needing major repairs!!

I will never buy another kia ever again! and I will never advice anyone else to buy one not used or new!

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How is that Kia's fault, that you did not do your research before buying and not all Kia dealerships are that horrible.



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