i bought a 2004 kia optima in 2005 with less the 600 miles. they told me that the warranty would be 5 yr instead of 10 because whoever bought the car.

returned it because his wife wanted a altima not a optima. the warranty ended a yr earlier because it was five from the date the other people bought it, not from the time i bought it. the locks on the doors started clicking by themselves, locking me out of the car on a very cold morning. i've never had a car to tear up and everything go wrong with it.

buy a toyota or anything other than a kia. this is kia of hattiesburg, they will tell you anything to buy this mess.

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Screw Kia Motors. 2010 KIA FORTE EX with 12 miles brand new ..

Electronic problems with radio horn, molding issues, a/c issues, power steering rack, what a nightmare of a car .... 16 days in the shop from may 2010 till November then had time to finally take it again in December of 2010 and just picked it up after 2 weeks. KIA is *** and they send Chris Capuzzi a master technician which created more problems then he fixed.

Had to take it to a third dealer which I hope finally resolved the issues with the car with new horn new power steering rack. Im living with the other issues.


my g/f has the same kind and year as you do--kia has some very strange problems--her driver side door lock has been replaced twiced because of same thing but it locks her inside the car, you can not even open it from the out side with the key and she has to crawl over the seats and get out on the pass. side-that is a very big safety issue--dealer admits they have a problem but its not been recalled--i'm waiting to hear someone died because of a accident and they were trapped inside the car--her other issues are the head lights--i have to replace both low beams about 2 times a year--have had the electrical system checked and of course they say its ok--the interior lights keep blowing and the blubs are dealer only parts--right now she has 3 out and the blubs are 25.00 each--maintaince on the car is very expensive--only thing cheap to do is change oil--she had a timing belt replaced and a tune up and it was 1300.00 at the dealer-- we did shop around and they were the cheapest by around 200.00--i'm sure next car she buys will not be a kia--you better be on the rich side to own one of these

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