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We were on vacation in the Outer Banks when the timing belt in our KIA Sorento went at 28,000 miles.We had to have the car towed 83 miles to Greenbrier Kia in Virginia because that was the closest Kia dealer.

The service manager would not cover the warranty because he said we were off pavement and the warrenty does not cover any repairs if the vehicle is off pavement. We then called Kia consumer Affairs. They were rude and incompetent. They stated that if I got stuck in the snow and spun my tires, the warranty wouldn't cover anything.

When we arrived home, we realized that the dealership did not put two pans back on the vehicle.

We called Greenbrier Kia and the serevice manager stated that if they "find them" they will let us know. That was a week ago. Kia Corp.

said that there was nothing that they could do.I am trading in my Kia for an American car.

Review about: Kia Motors Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $1000.


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:cry My Sportage needed a catyalytic converter at 70K, under the 8yr/80,000 mile warranty.Dealer denied the claim, no explanation given.

They are obligated to provide a DETAILED reason for denial IN WRITING within 30 days. I received NOTHING. I contacted the NY Attorney General's office who is intervening, I also contacted the Better Business Bureau (they'll need to respond within 14 days) and also the Federal Trade Commission, NY State Division of Consumer Products, and the EPA. Each of these agencies has contacted KIA, and they are required to answer EACH complaint.

I expect that they'll eventually cover the repair, but in the meantime I have made things VERY difficult for them. And each of these complaints STAYS on record.

I urge EACH of you to contact each of these agencies with your complaints (many of the forms you can find online).Attorney General, BBB, and Division of Consumer Products all contacted KIA within 2-3 days.


Kia Motors and Bob Bell Kia, Maryland, said we needed new transmission, and would not honor warranty on new 2008, as we had serviced a ASC certified garage.We took to local trans shop and had fluid changed and problem was cured...

I had hoped that others who have the same problem with hard shifting on Kia's will read this.I had seen on the Kia owners site, that in the past others paid the price.


I agree, Kia Consumer Affairs are full of it.Both my daughter and I own a Kia but will never purchase another Kia.

We too will buy American Cars (Ford). I tried to contact the CEO & President of Kia America in Irvine, Ca.

after having problems with the Kia Consumer Affairs Dept.and found that over the past few years there have been at least three CEO/Presidents, what does that till you!!!!


my 2004 has 80000 runs like a champ only repair has been battery and brakes


investigated futher and found out kia sent a bullitin to nhtsa 1/1/05,tsb#82#10015272. This ia a safety issue, and kia has been aware. Feel free to contact me for more info 5418790651


this is a common problem, mine snapped at 38,000. i went online and found numerous warranty complaints for the same problem. however this is a safety issue so i am putting a complaint in with the department of justice and the federal safety commission, obviously kia is aware and just doesn't care about consumer safety!


\Those of use who own KIA's (that is how you spell JUNK in Korean) know that KIA will not honor the warranty so I recommend we all sue them thru the small claims courts in each state. In Georgia it is $15,000.00 and we are filing suit 06072010. Stay tuned.


Mom of 2: Thousands of dollars worth of warranty work could have been reached in only 2 repairs.It doesn't mean the cars are ***.

In that case, toyota, GM, honda, dodge, and your almighty ford are even bigger *** with the amount of recalls they've had lately. AWD doesn't mean "off road 4x4". It's there as a safety feature for slick conditions on normal surfaces. But indeed, feel free to tell the whole story before bashing.

I bet you were probably running it pretty hard playing in the sand to snap a t-belt.I've yet to see one come thru my shop with a belt break that early in the 2 years I've been here.


This is to ZobVa.Of course I drove my 4wheel drive Sorento on the sand.

It was the only way to get to the beach house. There were many 4wheel vehicles on the sand but my KIA was the only one to break down. And I did buy an American Ford Explorer and took it back to the same beach house in the Outer Banks and guess what? It did not break down.

And if you had to have "thousands" of dollars worth of warranty work done than you just admitted that KIA makes **** vehicles.

No car should have to have that much work done under warranty.Watch what you admit to, it can make you look like a fool.


So you were driving "off-pavement" according to the dealer. What are you not telling us. you were on vacation in NC's Outer Banks, does that mean you were foolish enough to drive your car on the beach in the sand?

It's so easy to blame others for our own stupidity.

I live in Chesapeake, VA. I have a 2005 Kia Amanti and have had thousands of dollars worth of warranty work done without paying a dime out of pocket. Then again, (a) I keep up my scheduled maintenance, and (b) I honor the terms of the warranty and drive my car on ROADS.

Your "American" car will all apart also if you try to use it as a dune buggy.

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