Reading some of the testimonials about how Kia outsources their warranty department and denies a large amount of warranty claims for reasons like this has led me away from a Kia. This may or may not belong here, but I appreciate those that reported issues with their Kia, and want to let you and whoever from Kia might be reading to know that there are people who take these things seriously.

There will forever be lying salesmen and disappointment with purchases, but I think a lot of the issues described with Kia go much further than simple lemons or a salesman that needed a check.

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My neighbor bought 2005 Kia SUV. Motor died at just short of 48,000 miles.

They have found all sorts of innane reasons to try to avoid honoring the warranty. Now (about 5th excuse they have come up with)say the radiator plug was deliberately loostened by owner. Radiator top is plastic. Radiator plug was never touched by owner.

Most folks here in this neighboorhood have Toyotas, Fords, Buicks, Chevys, Hondas and even a few Dodges. All of those companies honor warranties.

Doesn't matter how good the warranty reads if the company won't honor it. Kia is crooked.


If you didn't notice, probably 95% of these reviews are on Kias that are older than 2005. They didn't make a reliable car until 2005.

If you don't measure their past, their overall satisfaction is one of the highest in the industry. Post 2005, that is.

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