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I went into Kia hoping for a pleasant buying experience and walked out a week and a half later embarrassed and humiliated. I took my 2005 volvo into Kia hoping to trade it in on a vehicle with less miles and a great warranty.

I found a 13 Kia Soul and it had all they bells and whistles. I went into sign the papers and the finance guy proceeded to kinda give me grief because I picked out a car that was so "loaded" making me feel bad. Doing this as he proceeded to eat a pickle. Should have have ran when this happened.

I think it was a sign of the things to come. So, I sign the finance papers and I get call almost 2 weeks later that they were unable to finance me. After I had driven the car for 2 weeks. I had to return the car and ended up with my old volvo.

I am so embarrassed and humiliated, because now how am I going to explain what happened. Is this common practice in car sales, so change the terms of the loan almost two weeks later. All of my family, friends, and colleagues have seen the new car, now I have to explain that Kia changed their mind. The worst part is the finance guy was rude, condescending, and treated me like garbage off the street.

Telling me the vehicle i picked out was way to expensive. It is a Kia for goodness sakes, not a Lexus. I'm a professional, granted I am trying to rebuild my credit, due to a nasty divorce. The way i was treated was very unprofessional and I have not even been offered and apology for taking so long to process or to deny my loan 2 weeks later.

I must add, the dealership did not hesitate to cash my downpayment check the next day. Very upset with the situation.

I will never deal with Kia or any affiliation again. The embarrassment is the worst part.

Monetary Loss: $29000.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #764725

Similar experience happened to me.

Dallas, Texas, United States #746313

Can you contact me about a situation almost exact to the one you had?


My money is apparently no good at KIA only wanting the sale IF I I USE COMPANY FINANCING. I've been saving up and investing for a new car.

They spent more time trying to get me to lease or finance than they did to buy a car with cash/a check. They told me to go through the credit process and pay off the loan 3 months later. Local dealers are gaming their own company for a "I got the customer to sign up for the company financing plan". The company will only make money if you drag the loan out.

I don't want bills or hits on my credit.

How messed up is that that a CAR company supposedly only can make money acting as a bank. No wonder things like TARP exist-the failed auto industry.


Something similar to this just happened to me 2 days ago with a Kia Dealership here in Maine.

A little over a week after purchasing my new car from Kia I receive a phone call from the finance guy at Kia that my financing bank had decided not to finance after all!

But they would be willing if they raised my monthly payment considerably. I had already registered the car and "owned" it for over a week! After getting advice from good friend, I called them back and asked for a copy of a "spot delivery receipt" that I signed but since I never signed one I told them they could refund me my $4000 down payment, return my trade in car and reimburse me for the amount I paid in registering a vehicle that was apparently not mine! They called back in less than 5 minutes to say they had lowered the price of the car, taken a year off my loan and my payments would remain the same!

Thank you very much! Come to find out they misquoted the actual mileage to the finance company and that was the problem, THEIR PROBLEM! I too am rebuilding my credit after a crappy divorce. I also think it helped to remind them that my partner has purchased 2 cars from them in the past year alone and would not do business with them again after this fiasco had they not fixed it.

I am more than satisfied with how it all turned out in the end.

Win for me. Sorry about your luck though.

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