>I bought a Kia Sorento in 2006 intead of a Toyota or

>Honda because of the 10-year, 100000-mile warranty.

>I mostly performed routine maintenance like oil

>changes myself. Recently the engine died, and Kia is

>saying there is "sludge" in the engine due to the use

>of "after-market" oil filters, etc., and the warranty

>is void. "Sludge" and "after-market" are Kia code

>words for "We're not going to honor our engine


I'll never buy oy recommend another Kia. They should be sued off the face of the earth. They are a dishonest, unscrupulous company.

Review about: Kia Motors Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $13000.

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Newark, New Jersey, United States #672139

Federal law prohibits denial of warranty claims for the use of aftermarket parts that meet or exceed OEM standards. It souds like KIA owners who were denied warranty claims due to "defective" oil and filters should join together in a class action suit.

The participants would not get much out of it, but KIA would change its ways after a few fat settlements were rewarded. :x


Warranties cover defects not improper maintenance, products, or procedures. Call your local dealer and check their oil change prices. You may be surprised to find they are better than than the hillbilly around the corner, and your car would have been covered under warranty if it were to fail.


I have a 08 Sorento just had the same happen to me 56000 miles. Sludge build up warranty denied. thank god both of my Fords have well over 100000 and no problems.


Any auto maker would do the same thing. You should have read your owners manual or talked to a service rep before having a second rate oil change place do your oil change.

You get what you pay for. I will pay the extra for Kia to do my oil changes so that my car will run longer and the warranty will be valid.


If you dont use the recommended products the engine was made to use and it breaks thats your own fault not KIAs.

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