Why did my valve stem for my 2010 Kia Soul break? Which will cost me $200.00 to replace. I love driving my little Kia. I was told Montgomery Kia/ Chevrolet Preston Hwy Louisville KY personnel that, it is not covered under bumper to bumper warranty. They said that it is manufacturing defect and it was not broken by them. The Stem is not covered by the warranty. A reason why it broke is that a long stem air hose chuck was used to replace the air. Individuals wiggling the long extension air chuck, can bend and break off the computerized air valve. I believe in keeping good air pressure in my tires- saves gas and tire wear. I believe that, Whether I had used or service attendant had used a shorted air stem chuck on this valve stem to this tire. It still would have broken off. And when the air hose extension chuck used on this tire, air hose was removed for air stem of this tire- the stem came with the extension chuck. This tire on the driver side front has several times registered air pressure was low on my dash lights the last six months. The tires on vehicles sometime lose air pressure, the weather changes from normal temperatures, to lower cold temperatures.

I was told by one of Montgomery Kia technicians, that this is manufacturing defect of the company that makes this computerized valve air stem. While I was making an appointment with the dealership to replace the defective stem. If this is manufacturing defect, if the air stem on this tire had lost air pressure while my Kia Soul was in motion on the highway. This would be considered a blow out. As my Kia Soul was sitting still, the tire went flat immediately.

I have very good records of service done on my Kia, which all recommends service checks have been done at Montgomery Kia. Till the manufacture defective valve stem broke and deflated at car service station. I had them replace the air stem with regular valve stem. Which since 2008, most vehicles have this feature- letting you know went tire pressure is low. This is a very good feature on my KIA. But the company or companies that manufacturing this computerized valve stem. By the way, if anyone has a Hyundai 2008-2012, you have the same computerized valve stems in your tires like me. Valve stem on a tire before 2008 , you basically had to rip up the metal rim of a tire or unscrew the core of valve stem out for the a tire to go flat . Not because the valve stems were manufactured with defect parts. The computerized valve stem to me, has alloyed (metal) fatigued. I believe in safe lighter vehicles , but you need dependable tires , rims and valve stems on the vehicles. If your engine blow-up, you will come to a rolling stop. If your computerized valve stems break on one your tires, you may be in an accident. Accident with one car(your) or more.

If this manufacturing defect, from a company that produced this computerized valve stem to me, should this be a recall from Kia. How many vehicles that are on the road, that this company manufacturing defective computerized valve stems? How many Fords, Chevrolets, Hondas, Toyotas, and KIA on the road today.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I am having problems with valve stems also three tires I have to put air in everyday

to Charlene #1419423

This should be put on the recall I love my Kia but am tired of this problem


So did they reimburse you now that there has been a voluntary service action on them ?

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom #868688

I have today been backwards and forwards between the garage and kia customer services regarding the valve breaking off when air was put in the tyre on my sportage they say there isn't a manufacturer fault and to replace it is £193

absolutely disgusted at this moment beyond words

Just don't put air in your tyres to be safe...

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, United States #770536

I just had this happen twice in one month. I am not a very happy customer of Kia right now as I sit stranded.


I had the same problem with our 2010 kia forte. The dealer told us that it should be covered under the warranty, but Kia, the big company, won't pay the dealership unless the look at the part. This means that if the dealership writes it off as covered under the warranty, they might not get any money from "Kia" the corporation. They said this happens a lot. The dealership also said that this valve stem breaking is a common issue. They accidentally break them here at the dealership and are then liable to fix it.

The dealership here is going to write it off for me, as a warranty, but if Kia Corperate doesn't pay them, they're going to send me the bill. This piece cost pennies to Corperate Kia. As a company, my recomendation would be that they make the customer happy so that the customer comes back. That's what the company I work for does. So far this dealer ship has been great. They are Sunburry Kia in Sunburry, Pa.

Also I'm currently talking to a regional manager who is investigating this concern.

Hawley, Pennsylvania, United States #737452

just happned to my 2010 kia soul..not happy loosing a days pay due to this mishap.. :(

Elyria, Ohio, United States #674063

KIA HAS A DEFECTIVE VALVE STEM!!! I refused to pay the money to replace the TPMS sensor on my 2010 KIA FORTE.

It is absolutely asinine to think that while I aired my tires to the proper pressure that the valve stem would snap, blow out, and leave me having to change a tire. The KIA rep I talked with refused to admit that their cars have defective valve stems. "There are not a significant amount of cases where this problem has happened." I was like, oh really, take a look at about a dozen different message boards online that have multiple individuals describing the same problem.

A valve stem should not just fall off on a wheel of a car that has been on the road for less than 3 years! :(

to WanoChem Sarasota, Florida, United States #901203

Same problem with my 2010 Forte. Three out of four have gone costing more than 450 and leaving my wife and I stranded each time!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #663986

I have exact same problem complete ripoff. the dealer charged my wife 75 bucks for a valve you can get for 5 on the internet. so pissed

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #626572

Sorry to hear - I had one of these break with minimal force while inflating a tire on my 2010 KIA Soul. I was shocked to find that they were unable to replace the actual failed piece of the assembly, which is about $5-$10 worth of threaded aluminum valve tube.

Once I removed the assembly myself, I found that the valve easily snaps off of the assembly and could be swapped out in less than 30 seconds if that part were available. What we have here is a situation where KIA supplies a defective/poorly designed part and instead of replacing it for free (as it is very cheap to produce), they force you to spend another extra $195 to replace the electronic component that snaps onto it. If you do have this repair done, be sure to ask for your old sensor back, otherwise they may very well just be snapping a replacement stem (that they will not sell you onto the electrical unit that was connected to your original stem.

You may also be able to sell the electronic piece if/once KIA or someone else starts manufacturing the $5 stem piece for the public... That Being said, I'll never step foot in Montgomery Kia/ Chevrolet on Preston Hwy again...

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