Livonia, Michigan
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I JUST wrote a review (bad) a few days ago. For years I have been complaining about car shaking, breaks, burning smell, hesitation, lurching on its own, etc......I took my car in LAST WEEK and again I was told "no code tripped" and sent home with a "computer upgrade" per usual.

I JUST got off the phone w/ Kia consumer complaints today (hour conversation), it is being "escalated" AGAIN...but nothing happens, Now, at 5:15p.m. I go to start my car to held and tutor a student and the CAR IS DEAD!!!!! The lights flicker then go dark, NO engine noise, no turnover whatsoever, nothing! Everything is locked up!

I check the battery and it is fine. I immediately call Kia consumer again (second time today) and am told that my warranty is up? I told him I have a 10 yr/100k mi powertrain, and he says that its not valid because I bought it used? Huh!?

I BOUGHT it brand new!!!! THEN he says that since my 60k mi bumper to bumper expired less than 4k miles ago, that I have to pay for towing, repair work, etc..... Are you serious?! I JUST had the car in days ago and "nothing is wrong with it" right?!

This is beyond insane. So, Kia claims that I have a used car, but my papers say 20 miles on odeometer when I drove it off the lot. I certainly paid for a new car. One of two things going on here....Kia sold me a used car as new OR they do not keep proper records.

Either way, you can't trust them. I am not even done paying off this car, and I have not driven the freeway in 2 years, had multiple problems since I bought it, and now what?!

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