Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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I bought a 2015 kia sorrento from the auction (it was 3 years old). when i bought it no visible problems with the paint.

Shortly after i had the car i took it to a carwash and there was a area right about the windshield where some paint came off. I didnt think much about it and kept driving, as time went on a few other areas the paint flaked and peeled off. I took it to an auto body place and they said one of the areas with the rust had been like that for a while. This means that most likely the dealership touched up the rusty spot where the paint came off right before they took the car to the auction and the dealer knew about the problem and tried to hide it and sell the car at auction.

I keep driving the car and did not report anything because the spots where the paint came off were small. I needed my breaks done and went to Doral Kia for a break job, they also detailed the car. AFter the wash and wax at the dealership a lot more paint came off. I went back and told Doral Kia and they say they are not responsible if the paint is faulty.

No one ever reported the paint problem until i did March 2019 to Kia corporate.

the car is 4 years old and they said "sorry its out of warranty." NOw Kia is saying they will check into the issue and see if they can do a goodwill gesture to repaint the car. I am now waiting.

Has anyone else has luck with Kia and them fixing the problem. A car that is 4 years old should not have chunks of paint flaking off.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2015 Kia Motors Sorento Car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: I want Kia to repaint the areas of the defective or improperly applied paint..

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