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Okay,...Kia Consumer Affairs is full of it! They both suck and blow!!

Had me take my car back to the dealer for a work order write up and photos of the peeling/flaking paint at the front of the hood....as if they were actually going to do the right thing. In a pig's eye. Just got a call from Kia Consumer Affairs (12/13/2017, 09:03 EST) saying they "decline" to correct the problem because my paint warranty expired at 3 years/36k miles. My paint began peeling at 43,700 miles.

So much for standing behind your product. By the way,...Hyundai owners are having the same issue. Don't know 'bout the rest of y'all, but Kia has not heard the last of me.

It is on like a mutha!!! Ken Jordan Lithonia, Georgia

Product or Service Mentioned: 2014 Kia Motors Sorento Car.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Pay body shop costs to have my hood repainted.

Kia Motors Cons: Kia plays games and insults your intelligence, Pretends to address the problem, Then says they will do nothing about it, Kia and hyundai know they have a paint problem, Have ignored this for almost 10 years.

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Same peeling paint issue on a 2014 PEARL WHITE Sorento ON THE PASSENGER SIDE AT ROOF NEAR WINDSHIELD! KIA needs to step up and do the right thing!


I’m having the same issue, my car looks gross with the hood peeling.


I also have a case of KiaPoxs. Found this site after hearing on CBC Radio that Toyota is covering the cost to repaint vehicles where the paint is coming off.

2011 Kia Sorrento Pearl white. Peeling started above windshield. Now the A Pilars have started to peel. Biggest chunk of missing paint is on the A Pilar.

Noticed a couple of years ago this starting to happen. When My wife and I see a fellow Kia Sorento we look to see if it is infected with the KiaPox. Pretty much all of this generation do have the pox. White is the most noticeable but all colours do it.

I’ve see the worst Kiapoxs on a black Sorrento where it has started to rust bad. I bought the $20 Kia touch up pen. It did not really help as the KiaPox are getting too big. I have now ordered touch up paint with a brush from an online paint retailer.

There are 2 coats and a clear. At this point I’m just trying to get the white base coat down so that the KiaPox do not turn to KiaPoxRust. I think this will be a loosing battle as over the last 2 months I have gotten more KiaPox marks and the ones I have touched up have spread. Basically I clean the KiaPox mark.

Removing and loose paint around the KiaPox mark. Then I apply the touch up paint carefully. What I have noticed is after a couple of months the touch up paint has held up but the kiapox has spread so now there is a circle of touch up paint surrounded by bare mental.

I would think Kia would be all over this. No worse way to hurt future car sales then to have your product driving around looking like an eye sore.


Having the same issue!!! Great car, *** company.


2014 Kia Optima SXL Turbo- Pearl White, 35,680 miles. Today, just when praying the hood with the WATER hose, a two inch large paint chunk flew off the car.

It was completely in tact and now my hood has a high paint chip hole. It completely just flaked off. Like what?

My car was purchased brand new and is now only 5 years old! The only obvious cause is Bad Paint!


I’m having the same issue on the hood on a pearl whit optima.. someone should start some sort of lawsuit


Have a Kia Sorento 2015 pearl white an it started peeling in spots on hood then all around front windshield looks like someone just peeled sheets off


Same problem. Same year and color.

Trading it in. Never buying a Kia again and I loved the car


I have a 2015 Kia Sorento SX and the paint started peeling above the windshield and keeps getting worse!


same here 2015 Sorento paint peeling around the door and windshield pearl white was told paint probably did not adhere properly on the assembly line and Kia will not take responsibility for it


Mine too my body shop said he heard their was a recall but can't find it and they deny it same area good and above windshield


Having the same issue here as well. 2012 Pearl White Kia Optima.

Paint it just peeling right off.

Come on Kia, get your *** in gear. Will never again buy a Kia.


I have a 2014 Kia Sorento and the paint is peeling just above the windshield. It started small but is quickly spreading.

To stop it I bought a can of white spray paint. It appears a lot of people are having the same issue so a class action suit should be started


Same problem, white 2011 Sorento with a sun roof. To have it repainted not only would I need to replace windshield, but also the sun roof.

Just disgusting.

My car is in the garage 80 % if the time. Class action suite sounds good.


Have same darn paint problem on wife’s 2014 Sorento LX and getting bad with no help from KIA. Car is good but paint job is terrible


Hey!! I have a 2015 Kia Sorento, also pearl white.

The paint is stripping off basically in sheets. They told me to take it to the dealer and I waited two hours for a quote. No word back from Kia, It has been two months. The pain has been peeling since about 50k miles, has 88k now.

This lowers my vehicles value and makes it a serious eyesore. This is my second Kia.

No more. We all need to band together and make a massive complaint.


Same problem on pearl white optima. Someone should start a lawsuit


Kia has same issue w the paint on the brand new Stingers. The Souls engine seize.

Steering wheel peels on Optima.

Trying to charge 8k mark up on Telluride consumers r smart n waiting. Come on it’s still a Kia


Have the same issue on my 2013 Optima, pearl white and it started peeling at 40,000 miles.


I’m having the same issue with my 2014 Optima! They just called me today and declined my request as well. I have gotten a few quotes and mine will be $2,000 to repaint 3 different sections of my car!