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It started with a spot the size of a small pea and now my paint is chipping and peeling off of my car everywhere. Kia is well aware of the problem but refuses to do anything about it.

My car only has 70k miles and if I get on the interstate, the paint chipping just gets worse and worse. It is peeling off all the way down to the grey primer. There are no dents or scratches. The paint is just literally flying off of the car.

Kia needs to make this right but refuses because it started just outside their 3/36k warranty. I would understand the warranty if it weren't so obviously a paint defect.

I still have 3 years to pay on this car and it looks like a 20 year old car. There is a class action lawsuit in California because of all of the complaints on paint with the Kia and Hyndai from 2010 to 2014.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Kia Motors Cons: Manner in which kia handles warranty issues, Lack of honesty, Dont admit the paint is a manufacturer defect.

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Same things happened to my car and they give you the run around to fix it. DO NOT BUY KIAS!


I have the same issue. I never know what the car will look like when I drive the highway or wash it.

The paint continues to peel off. It’s frustrating that Kia refuses to do anything about it.


Oh yes, they do! I had the exact same issue and they issued me a check for over $5,000.00.

I will guide you through the process.

It only took me 3 weeks to settle my claim with Kia. Call me at 501-519-**** Respectfully, Shawna Hart

@Luane Kte

Purchased 2016 kia soul oil change, service did not tighten oil filter before i could reach my destination the car stalled on I-75 motor blew, now here we go again oil consumption car in shop @ Moore Kia in Lake City Florida since Jan 2022 replacement of 2nd motor, they blew the transmission I get the car back memorial day weekend the car runs hot with oil leak check engine light multiple calls to Kia consumer after weeks no return callsI , 7/7/22 receives call from dealership with no manners to tell me car is ready with no compensation and no apology!!!! YIKES BE CAREFUL PEOPLE.


It's happening to us all....Go to the kia corporation site. File the complaint and upload your pictures.

Someone will contact you.

I did and I was told to send in 2 estimate to have the car painted. I did that and about 40 days later was sent paperwork to sign and sent a check for the amount in the paperwork.


What was the email?


My 2013 Optima SXL white is peeling on the doors and in the corner of the windshield. I contacted Kia and was told to get 2 estimates.

I did and Kia has offered me $5,027.00 to repair my car. I am not sure if I will accept this offer.


That is probably about as good as it gets. I had a 2016 Sorento and went through this before the paint problem attracted more attention.

The dealer and Kia fought me claiming that it was a paint chip even though there was no way one could get a paint chip between the roof and the windshield. When I took it to a repair shop they said that they could fix it but that it would probably continue to happen.

I just traded it in rather than wait to see it deteriorate before my eyes. Not only did Kia lose a customer they also gained a detractor who never fails to deter people from purchasing KIas.


I went to website and filled out complaint and when I entered vin# it said invalid vin #. I entered it under recalls and it accepted it.

How convenient.

I am having to buy new car because it is embarrassing to drive. I will still pursue Kia about this.


Just call them. They will assign a person to you.

They will take the information. They will let you know if your year and model is acceptable.


I am going through the same thing. I call Kia over and over only a answer machine that direct you to punch different options and when I do it go back over to the beginning.

So I call Kia Corporations someone finally answer and gave me another number but, you cannot get through because it a machine that have you taking all these surveys and then said thanks for you inputs etc...... then hangup.


I have 2017 white Kia Soul with paint chip on hood. Not good quality paint.

Also the bass subwoofer started making a loud crackling buzzing sound when I was playing techno tunes oneday and I could smell electric smoke. I play my music very loud when in driving and the bass woofer should not fail and burnout.

Dealer telled me that I cannot overload speaker with to much bass this is stupid cause it's a subwoofer. Kia speakers are to week if you wanna play loud bass I will be upgrading to better aftermarket audio soon


Hello I am just sitting here reading some of you all posts and need so help too. I have a 2015 Kia Optima and my paint is start to peel now I cannot even wash my car the paint flake off in those areas.

Please give me some most recent input on the route to take. Thanks

@Evelyn T Xfu

Just go on the kia site and file a complaint and they will reply to you in a few days.


My 2013 is doing the same thing. I will never buy another Kia because of their refusal to take care of the problem.


Kia does have a program to assist with this issue. The dealer will not be able to help you.

There is a thread here that outlines what to do, but in summary, go to Kia.com, click on Owners, then on contact us. Fill out the form, being as specific as you can, upload pictures, again, as specific as you can. They will contact you to begin the process. You will be assigned a specific person to work with.

They are going to need proof of ownership (i.e. registration, or purchase contract etc). Pictures are vital- every little bubble and peel.

They will ask for quotes from paint and body shops. It is time intensive and takes a while, but it works if you are consistant and responsive.


same issue with my 2013 kia optima and its only getting worse. Bought it new and after warranty was expired it starting chipping then now its peeling off in small parts.


I noticed today on all the metal parts of my 2014 there are paint chips.. ugh!


I have also had the same issue with my 2013 pearl white optima sxl. It is really a shame because I used to show this car off with pride and now it looks like a piece of crap.

It's very embarrassing. Luckily I found this thread and followed the advice given on here. In February, I presented Kia with the estimations from 3 different auto body places. It took them until late March (about 1.5 months) to respond and they said that only 1 of the 3 estimations (coincidentally, the lowest one provided) matched the pictures I sent them.

They said the other 2 had extra costs on them that didn't match the pictures. The asked for additional quotes. Meanwhile this was about the start of the whole quarantine and Covid 19 pandemic so I was not in any rush to go out and get something that wasn't essential, especially considering they waited so long to even respond to the information I gave them. Also because it had been 1.5 months after the estimations even more peeling had occurred, so I sent them more pictures detailing this.

I think with the exception of 1 picture, they said that the other 2 looked like rock chips. Fast forward to yesterday, I decide to look at my case and see what else I needed and while attempting to login to my account realized that my case had been closed. I called Kia. They basically said that they close cases in 7 days if they don't receive any more information (funny how they didn't hold themselves to that same standard when evaluating my case after I gave them the estimations).

They reopened my case. I got 2 estimations. One was from the previous auto body place that they said matched the pictures. With the new peeling the estimation went from $1700 to $5200.

The other auto body place estimated $5300 to fix the damage. I submitted more pictures and the estimations to Kia but I am definitely not holding my breath. I think my next action if they come back with BS is to talk about getting a lawyer. Good luck to anyone dealing with this.

It really is a pain. I will never buy another KIa again.

@Bradley Fgu

Where did you file the claim bc I went to kia dealership where I bought my car and they told me they could not help especially since my warranty was done.

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