We purchased our 2011 Kia Sportage new from Wyoming Valley Kia, Kingston, PA on May 02, 2011. In June of 2012, at 12,000 miles, we found the a/c not working and we made a service appointment to have it fixed. WVM Kia stated the system was low and added refrigerant and dye to the system and stated they could not find where the refrigerant leaked or if it was just low. We were advised by them to inform them when and if the a/c stopped working again. No repairs were performed. Our Sportage only logged 364 miles from July to November of 2012. We had use of other vehicles. We live in Pennsylvania and the a/c is not generally used from September to May.

In May of 2013, the a/c was not working again and we returned to WVM to have it checked. At this service visit, WVM said that our condenser had a puncture in the front caused by road debris damage and denied warranty coverage. They did not show us where the leak was and said it would cost over $566.00 to fix the a/c. We declined the repair. We were charged for the diagnosis. We took the Sportage to an independent a/c repair technician because we accepted the diagnosis of WVM that the condenser was not a warranty issue. What was found was the a/c condenser did not have a puncture in the front. The condenser had a scrape from top to bottom in the rear causing the dye and refrigerant to leak out. It was necessary to use a black light to locate the dye and the leak. The area with the leak can only be reached or viewed with the condenser removed. There were about 4 tiny leaks that must have ruptured with age and exposure to the atmosphere.

It was clearly a defect in materials and workmanship. The end user cannot reach this area. We had a new condenser installed by the independent technician for less that the amount quoted by WVM and the a/c was repaired. We took the failed condenser to WVM to show them what was discovered. WVM said they would show the condenser to the Kia American Motors factory representative. The outcome is both parties deny responsibility for the failure and stated that due to the age of the vehicle from the time it was assembled in August 2010, we should have reported the failure sooner. Their reasoning is the a/c would never have worked. This is poor customer service from both entities and they do not honor the specified warranty for the Sportage. The vehicle should have been repaired in the first service visit in June 2012. Time in service is irrelevant. Kia does not stand behind their products.

Beware of KiA Motors America

Review about: Kia Motors Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $550.

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Houston, Texas, United States #891182

I just learned that the condenser on the kia sportage is so thin it cannot be repaired. It's so thin in fact that it's easily punctured by a rock.

I just found out that the placement of the condenser is so low on the front of the car that it is easily struck by debris.

So let's get this straight, it's poorly placed, it has no protection or barrier to protect it down low AND it's so thin it cannot be repaired!

Carbondale, Pennsylvania, United States #793576

This was our post.

We traded in the POS Sportage with 25,000 miles on it.

The way we were treated by Kia Motors and Wyoming Valley Kia was terrible. The Sportage has a recall for the brake switch. We did not trust WVM to fix it.

We are one and done with KIA. :(

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