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Wow, it seems that many consumers have had the same problem with Kia Motors and crankshaft bolts.My crankshaft bolt on a 2005 Kia Sorento broke yesterday, and I was told that I will need a new motor ($4000)..The mechanic asked me who changed my timing belt and I told him that it had been done by the dealership service department.

I will contact Kia Motors Consumer Assistance because I do save all of my service documentation and I did have the dealership service department at Michael Kia of New London in Connecticut replace my timing belt less than two years ago.Pissed!!

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Toledo, Ohio, United States #1055156

I have an 2006 Kia Sorento and the crankshaft bolt broke on it.I've noticed a lot of complaints about the same problem.

I also noticed that there was a recall on this problem some years back, but the problem keep recurring. Even after doing all the repairs like fixing the crankshaft bolt or replacing engine, the problem recurs. This is a very costly repair and now I have a Kia that is not running because I can't afford to do the repairs to it at the moment. I need my car, I need a reliable one.

According to all these complaints the Sorento is not the reliable car.

Kia need to do a better job.There should be another recall because the problem still exist.


My 2005 Kia Sorento crank shaft bolt inside crank shaft I was informed.While driving break light came on, chk engine light, no pwer steering.

I thought it had something to do with my water pump and timing belt being replaced about 3 mos ago. I am reading where alot of people have this problem. They are telling me I have 2 options. Replace the crank shaft assy (cost 3500$) or buy used engine with same mileage (120k) for 3700$...

I am the original owner and just paid off this vehicle in Dec 2011. It looks like i will go with new crank shaft assy vs used engine. Concerned about both.. what is the reliability of the new shaft, bolt, etc..

and the used engine may have same issue 2 months from now.Pissed!!!!!


On 10/17/11 I purchased a 2005 Kia Sorento from Brick City Motors in Newark, NJ.On 1/27/12 while driving on the highway in the third lane from the right the timing belt/crankshaft gear/tensioner/pulley/idler/balancer -note cr damaged and was informed crankshaft damage

I could have been killed on the highway due to the power loss I could not even put on the hazard lightn I took it to Kia Motors and I ended up having to pay 826.00 I am a disabled veteran of 26 years.

Of course I missed the recall because I purchased the vehicle in October of 2011.Please advise I need a lawyer


I missed the recall by 30 days on my 2004/5 Kia Sorento.The bolt broke off in the shaft.

After 2 months of research and getting the guts to fix it I tried to drill the use an easy out to get out the bolt. The easy out broke off in the bolt. Then I used a cement drill to drill out the easy out. Then taped the bolt, a smaller size then the full size.

3 years later the bolt broke again. This time I taped the crank to a 5/8's grade 8 fine thread bolt. Looks like this time it's going to work.

I also replaced the plastic heater "Y" that conects the heater core to the engine.After 5 years it crumbles like dirt!

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